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Flex developers in China
This article explains – in the China’s IT industry, there is a group’s of developers they starting to give up other “old” programming languages like PHP, java and .NET, and only focus on Adobe Flex technology.
New demand from end users
With the development of new technology and constantly upgraded requirements of users, many of the existing software system are becoming progressively backward on performance and interaction; they cannot satisfy the increasing requirements of the users any longer.
In each of the Internet is widely used in the field today, the use of WEB application program turn into a wide range of users. In many of the WEB application, known as a rich Internet application (Rich Internet Application, referred to as RIA) with a high degree of interactivity and rich user experience of Web applications is booming, has been widely praised. Adobe has introduced one of the Flex technologies. It is especially outstanding performance, dynamic, gorgeous page, and flexible interactive performance.
Adobe Flex was released initially by Macromedia Company in March of 2004. Now, many people began to pay attention to the Flex (at least more than before). From 2004 to 2008, Flex is more and more perfect.
From US to China
But in china, Flex is still in its early stages, as the Flex application has a great relationship with broadband, at this stage, the domestic popularity is not enough, but along with the popularity of broadband, Flex in China will fire up soon.
There are many companies in China start benefit from Adobe Flex technology. The famous C2C site also has Flex technology involved in.
Busycode is one of the many professional software outsourcing service providers who focuses on Adobe Flex technology. Since 2001, Busycode has successfully completed hundreds of software projects for clients from Japan, the US, Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries. Busycode in China is a company develops Flex applications with extensive experience in the development of Flex, and the dedicated the development team. They can successfully take on any project involving Flex in the full conviction, big or small projects, for any client in any industry around the world.
There is a famous president in the China’s IT industry, has said: "We have been pride in our innovation. And we will continue to explore new technologies to further improve our on-line products. Compared to HTML, we use Flex Within a shorter period of time to create a richer, more dynamic user interface. “From this, it can be seen that Adobe flex is a top platform that improve your Internet applications.
Busycode Inc specializes in developing top-quality Flex applications for the global marketplace. Our Flex developers are all Adobe Flex experts. Based offshore, Busycode offers low development costs, fast turn-around times and require no deposit to get started on your Flex project. Visit Busycode at for more information.
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