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Why Choose Flex
This article explains –Open Source’ importance, Flex’s advantages and features, for example: Simple field verification, Rich media support, CSS support etc.
Open Source
Adobe's Flex is a programming language rich client, is a young platform. By means of Open Source, developers can further understand the internal working principle and thereby create more outstanding applications. For Adobe, Flex developers of open source 'join not only can get the first-rank improve and development by using lowest costs but also can bring more flex developers.
Flex's Advantages and Features
  • Don’t need to carry out the browser compatibility testing
    AJAX is more complicated than the ordinary XHTML and CSS, so the browser compatibility testing turns into a terrible nightmare. Flex application program compiled into a Flash SWF file, so no matter what kind of operating system and the browser you use; it also can download for pixels.
  • E4x
    If you had ever parsed xml, you should know it is such a painful thing. Actionscript from Flex 2 contained Ecmascript (called also E4X).Now, It is simple to operate a XML object through XML regarded as a primitive variable.
  • Simple field verification
    All people created commercial program and electronic commerce application program have processed form field verification. For example: postal code, credit card number. These are complicated things previously, but all so easy for Flex now.
  • Rich media support
    Flash platform let the predominantly Web media player (Real,Windows Media) lose completely previous advantages. Flash platform is lightweight and does not need to install anything. Flex make it easier when you want to embed Audio or Video in proper place.
  • CSS support
    Many of the Flex styles are control by CSS, for example: control of color, font, gradient etc. CSS can also be applied to the skin and user-defined flex controls. It is very flexible.
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