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This is how we work

Before you outsource your Flex developments to Busycode, you may like to know more about the way we work. The way we do business is very transparent and straightforward. You won’t run into any surprises with us.

Here is a quick overview of how we do business with our clients and what steps are involved.

Initial Enquiry

The first step is to get in touch with us to find out how Busycode can help you with the development of your Adobe Flex application. You may use our online enquiry form, use Skype or instant messaging, send us an email or phone us with your enquiry (see contact us page). Your enquiry will be kept confidential.

Your Specifications

It doesn’t matter whether you have a complete set of specifications for us to work with or can only tell us your idea for a Flex application in broad terms. If you already have detailed specs, we will evaluate it and send you a proposal. If you don’t, we will work with you to understand exactly what your requirements are and work out a detailed specification, so we build the application exactly the way you have in mind.

Project Start – No Deposit Required

Based on the specifications, we will start working on a small part of the project (less than a week’s work for one developer) without needing a deposit from you first. We will then show you what we’ve done, and if you’re convinced of our Flex development skills and satisfied with the progress, you’ll pay us for the time we’ve spent so far and we’ll continue with your project. We will then send you a new invoice every two weeks for the time spent in those two weeks.

Business Model 1: Project Basis

Busycode offers two kinds of business models. One way we can develop your Flex applications is on a project basis. You give us the details of the application you want us to develop, we send you a proposal, you accept the proposal and we create the Flex application for you. This is most effective for one-off, individual projects.

Business Model 2: Offshore Development Center (ODC)

If you have a large or ongoing project or need continuous development of Flex applications, you may benefit from hiring a group of our offshore developers to work for you full-time (in our office). Using our Offshore Development Center (ODC) this way can be more cost effective to you, compared to contracting us separately for each project.

The ODC we set up for you will be able to work closely together with your own staff and development team to provide exactly and only those services you require. An ODC is in effect an extension of your own office – your offshore IT department so to speak – with professional staff who have the Adobe Flex related skill sets your own team may be lacking.

Project Progress Monitoring

During the development process, you can log into our online project tracking system at any time to monitor the status and the progress of your Flex development project. Your assigned project manager will also maintain regular contact with you to report on the progress and discuss any issues. You can also always contact us by email, phone, Skype or Messenger (see our contact us page for all the communication options available).

Payment Terms

We will start working on your project as soon as we have developers available to do the work. No initial deposit is required. After a few days, we will show you the work we have done so far. If you are happy, we will invoice you for the time spent up until then (at only US$15 per hour per developer) and continue the work. After that, we will send you a new invoice every two weeks until the project is completed. Payments are due within five days of the date of the email invoice.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by Credit Card, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Western Union and bank wire transfer. Our first invoice, which you will receive within the first week, will include our banking details. Payments are due within five days of the date of the invoice, which we will send to you by email. We would appreciate if you notify us by email when you have made a payment and which payment method you used.

Project Cancellation

In the unlikely event you are not happy with our work, you are free to cancel the project at any time without any need to pay further invoices. As we are confident of our developers’ skills and abilities, we are willing to take this small risk.

Other Questions

If you have any questions about the way we work or would like more details about anything covered above, please contact us and we are happy to go through your questions with you.

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