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Flex and are a powerful combination for building  data-driven  web applications. platform is the same  platform that underlies the well-known customer relationship management (CRM)  and salesforce automation (SFA) software. These applications  "run in the cloud," hosted on servers which are secured and maintained by, and accessed via the web on personal computers and mobile devices. is analogous to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in that both the and Amazon corporations rent out the computing infrastructure on which they run their core businesses. However,
while Amazon Web Services still requires you to do some of the software "heavy lifting" to get your
application running, takes care of just about everything except the actual business logic
that’s specific to your application, and which embodies the true value of your work. Typically, setting
up a "serious" web application involves a lot of time and effort that contributes little value, but which is nonetheless a prerequisite to deploying the application. Building on, however, frees you
from most of the distracting, time-sucking tasks so you can focus on the business logic and build a
great application faster. platform is not just for building sales- or CRM-related software; you can create just about any data-driven web application, and, thanks to Flex, the application can have any custom user interface., especially with Flex on the front end, is a very attractive alternative to .net or PHP/MySQL, and, in fact, you may find that it’s often a great choice for even relatively-simple applications that would otherwise be developed with Microsoft Access and, for example.

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