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“Thanks again, we could not have done this without your team. Great job.”
Joel Michon
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“Its amazing how quick your developers are!”
Dave Kes
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Why outsource to Busycode?

There are many reasons why our clients choose Busycode Inc. to develop their Flex software applications.

The overriding reason quoted by our clients is that Busycode consistently delivers high quality Flex applications at very attractive prices.

But there are many more reasons – they are listed below. Together, they make it clear that outsourcing your Flex software development to Busycode is probably one of the best business decisions you can make.

Experience & Expertise

Busycode has been working as a software outsourcing provider and has successfully developed hundreds of software applications for a variety of clients since 2001. We have many satisfied clients in countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Japan. We are not new in this game – we have the experience, skills and expertise required to work with you professionally and build you a quality Flex application according to your specifications and requirements.

High Quality

We deliver high-end Flex software applications. If you are thinking of trying to develop a Flex application in-house but don’t really have the expertise required, why bother? You may end up with something that doesn’t function properly or looks unprofessional. With Adobe Flex, the creative and technical possibilities are endless. We take advantage of those possibilities and use them to benefit our clients. Outsource to Busycode and you will get an impressive, high-quality Flex application. (Read more on our Quality page.)

Low Cost

Outsourcing to Busycode is very cost effective. Being based in Beijing, China, means that we can charge you a low hourly rate of US$15. You will not be able to get a professional Flex application developed in the West for the same money. Save on your budget by having your Flex software developed offshore by Busycode. You won’t even need to pay a deposit!

Low Risk - No Deposit Required

We are very confident of our abilities, but understand you may be wary of contracting an offshore software developer that you don’t know. That’s why we offer you a NO RISK START of your project. This is how it works:

When you have given us your specifications, we will start working on a small part of the project (less than a week’s work for one developer) without needing a deposit from you first. We will show you what we’ve done, and if you’re satisfied with the progress and convinced of our Flex development skills, you’ll pay us for the time we’ve spent so far and we’ll continue with your project. We will then send you a new invoice every two weeks. (For more information, see our payment terms.)

Dedicated Flex Programmers

All our programmers and consultants are Adobe Flex specialists. Because we don’t develop any other software, we can really focus on Flex. We are always completely up to date with the latest Adobe Flex, Flash and AIR software developments and implementation possibilities. When you outsource your Flex software developments to Busycode, you can rest assured the people working on your application are absolute experts when it comes to Flex. At Busycode, we ONLY develop professional, high-quality Flex applications.

Fast Turn-Around Times

Busycode has more than 20 dedicated Flex programmers who work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). This means we can develop many RIAs in Flex for our clients in a short time. If you are based in the West (US, Canada, Europe), we may even be able to turn around small, urgent Flex applications for you overnight if necessary.

Project Status Tracking

Being based overseas, you may wonder how you’ll know how your Flex project is progressing. Don’t worry, we have an online project tracking system that allows you to log in and monitor the status of your project at any time. At Busycode, you’ll never be left in the lurch.

Good Communication

You will be assigned a Flex project manager who will lead the team of developers and be your main point of contact. Your can always contact your project manager by email, instant messenger or phone (9am-6pm Beijing time) to discuss the progress of your project. All Busycode’s team leaders are fluent in English and all our Flex developers understand written English very well. You’ll have no problem communicating with us and explaining your exact requirements.

Read more about the way we work or contact us with your questions or requirements.

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